Behind the Scenes

Fast-paced. Collaborative. Inclusive. These are just a few of the words that can be used to describe the work environment at Tiell Financial Group. We pride ourselves on the ability to be always growing, adapting, and evolving to meet the needs of our clients and team members.

To align with these goals, we incorporate the following:

  • Weekly Team Lunches – each Friday a team member picks a local restaurant. We discuss our weekend plans, and everyone shares a personal or professional “win of the week.”
  • Monthly Staff Meetings – we use these to discuss company and industry updates.
  • Semi-Annual Strategy Days – twice a year we get out of the office to review and set goals, team build, and more.
  • Birthday Celebrations – each team member picks the menu for their birthday, and the rest of us cook!
  • Holiday Festivities – Christmas Parties, Green for St. Patrick's Day, Ugly Sweater Day, we are always looking for fun ways to celebrate holidays.
  • Continuing Education Conferences & Events – We all attend events throughout the year to network, listen to industry experts, and complete required education.
  • Individual & Group Recognition – in 2021 we held our first “Office Awards.”  
  • Community Events – Polar Bear Jumps, fundraisers, Easter Egg Scrambles, etc. You'll find our team in the community. Passionate about a certain cause or board? Get involved! We also encourage blood donation by allowing donations on company time.
  • Faithfully Giving Arbor – in 2022, in partnership with Gleaner Life Insurance, members of our office formed The Faithfully Giving Arbor. An arbor is a service club that gives back to the community. We are dedicated to funding projects, charities, and individuals in our area.

... and more!